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10 “Often used words” Japanese Sign Language Veditz

10 often used basic JSL words “Can do.” Dekiru. Dekiru. It can also mean “fine” Daijoubu JSL: Can you drive? Yes I can “Can’t” Dekinai JSL: I can’t skydive I can’t “Good” ii JSL: That photo is good “Bad” Warui. There are 2 versions. JSL: This pen is bad “I know” Shitteru JSL: I know that person “I don’t know” Shiranai JSL: I don’t know him “Understand” Wakaru “I don’t understand” Wakaranai “Like” Suki JSL: Do you like Sushi? “Hate” Kirai JSL: I hate Natto. I hate Wasabi.

13 Replies to “10 “Often used words” Japanese Sign Language Veditz”

  • この手話の動画が大好きです!でも、アメリカに住んでいるので練習機会があまりないんです。ネットでどうやって手話を練習すればいいか教えてくれませんか?

  • How do you say sign in japanese? I'm having trouble finding the right word. I know 手話 is sign language, and there's 指文字 for fingerspelling 口話 for mouthing. I can't find a word for sign. If you have an answer for me, I'd really appreciate it. I'm greatly enjoying your videos and am trying to learn JSL. I'm studying ASL interpreting in university, and I find JSL fascinating. Please keep up the awesome work!

  • Hello
    Yesterday one Japanese deaf boy started to work with me … and with your videos I could comunicate with him a little!
    Thank you!

  • Hello, I have a question about which hand you use.
    Does the hands you use really matters? Like if you want to say "This pen is bad", in your video you used your left hand to do it, but it is okay to do it with the right hand, or does it have another meaning if you do it in the right hand?

  • I am having trouble understanding it because I know British Sign Language And American Sign Language. I wish I could understand Japanese Sign Language.

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