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10 Gestures That Prove A Woman Is Interested In You

10 Gestures That Prove A Woman Is Interested
In You. When a woman likes you, there are 10 gestures
that tell you whether she is interested in you. Think that the non-verbal language is
so interesting and says as much as the verbal language, so if you look how her body talks
you’ll be able to complement the information on a specific person. How? Don’t you know
which these gestures are? We’ll explain them for you! 1. Says your name when speaking. When a woman likes a guy she has the need
to put his name in her mouth, from there is that she constantly says your name. 2. Looks for any excuse to rub you. Direct contact, rubbing, is one of those things
you look for people who need to feel the guy or girl who attracts them. If that girl looks
to rub your arm, leg, head, anything, is that she’s interested, and a lot. The more intimate
the rubbing, the more she’s interested. 3. Looks at you when she speaks. She looks at you when you talk to her, it
is a sure sign that she’s interested. A girl who follows the conversation without taking
her eyes off you is that there is really something that fascinates her and that something surely
is you. 4. Touches her hair. One of the things they do when talking to
the person who attracts them is touching the hair, roll it up in one of the fingers and
let it go or just smooth it over. 5. Stutters when speaks to you. There is nothing more obvious when a woman
likes someone. Women stutter when they get nervous and they get nervous especially when
talking to the person they like, so if that girl stutters in your presence, it means she
likes you a lot. 6. Her body points toward you. When you sit close together, if you see the
position of her body pointing towards you is that she’s interested in you steady. In
the same way, if when you are standing in a group you see her feet are directed to you,
it also means that there is something about you that attracts her in an irremediable way. 7. Enlarged pupils. When a girl is interested in a man, the pupils
dilate, is an involuntary reaction of the body, so we can not control, if your girl
has bright and large pupils when speaking with you is that she feels something for you,
whatever she says, the body does not lie. 8. Puts a different tone of voice. When talking with the person we like we tend
to put a gentle voice, more restrained. If you see that girl changes the tone of her
voice when she speaks to you, do not hesitate, it is that she likes you more than you really
think. 9. Biting her lip. When talking to you she bites her lip in a
seductive way, it is clear that you attract her, is a clear sign of attraction when you
are with a person you like. 10. She looks down when catches you staring
at her. The fact of running into your eyes makes her
nervous. If besides, your look crosses more than once with hers, it is no coincidence,
that girl is interested in you. If also looks down and smiles slightly … do not hesitate,
that girl is crazy about you. To learn more about the 10 Gestures That Prove
A Woman Is Interested In You, Just CLICK the image on the RIGHT or the link in the DESCRIPTION
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