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10 gesture you can use in Maps

Hi, Today I will introduce you to 10 gestures that you can use in Google Maps Let’s get started If you do not have this app you can download it from the Play Store For every gesture I will do at least TWICE 1/ TOUCH THE BLUE CIRCLE A dialog box will appear allowing you to perform some of the features At the time of this video, there are 5 supported features 2/ TOUCH TO SHOW FULLSCREEN You see, full screen helps you see a lot of information from the map 3/ ZOOM IN ( one finger ) Double tap on the map to zoom in You can do so many times to enlarge 4/ PIN ON MAP Touch and hold to mark the map Swipe up to reveal the highlighted place information 5/ ZOOM IN & OUT ( 1 finger ) Double tap on the screen But keep on the second touch To zoom in swipe down To zoom out swipe up 6/ ZOOM IN ( 2 finger ) Touch two fingers at the same time Then drag 2 finger across the screen 7/ ZOOM OUT ( 2 finger ) Touch similar to zoom out, but this time drag in 8/ ROTATE THE MAP Use two fingers to touch the screen at the same time Then move your finger like a compa Meaning a finger hold, the other spinning 9/ TILT THE MAP Touch two fingers at the same time Then swipe up or down to change the viewing angle 10/ ZOOM OUT Touch two fingers at the same time and lift Here are 10 gestures that can be used in GG Maps Good bye!

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