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How To Learn Sign Language

10 – 20 sign language.

hey guys what’s up Sarah here and happy
Monday to only guys today we’re going to continue but the sign language lessons
and I did ABC once I did all the series and stuff have been doing is in a
playlist below and check out the videos below with later on after
this video so check out or check check out other series stuff in the end of
this video or if you’re new here click there and then you come back here and
you need to learn more so today we are going to do 10 through 20 so let’s
start with 10 so 10 is just you wave your hand is a wave it like this then 11 11 is pretty much you know here I’ll do
it real quick, you know your thumb and then you do 11 but this is
this might be eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen sixteen
seventeen eighteen nineteen 20. of similar to bird like that but I
learned but for 20 is like this so I just try to get so we have ten eleven oh you
have the three and four three and then 13 14 15 16 17 18 19:20
that i 10- 20 and i did the captions for this video and hope you guys like
this video it subscribe for more because I’ll be doing more lessons for guys
like sign language and if you need more help
I’ll try to help you just tell me in comments below and watch some other
videos um if you if you haven’t watched them and then come back here and
watching you stuff like that and tell me I have a good Monday by nations

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