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07 Body Language Habits of Successful People – Personality Development tips | Increase Confidence.

Being successful is hard work, it’s not an
easy job and if you think that being successful is just about how you think and how you work
and how intelligent you are how good you are at your work well it’s also about your body
language. Well today we are gonna talk about the habits, the body language habits of highly
successful people. Now if you can master these body language habits, you are way ahead on
your path to success. So hi my name is Rima and welcome to Skillopedia and today we are
gonna talk about the body language habits of highly successful people. The first body language habit that I wanna
talk about is posture. Yes you need to learn how to sit up straight. Now slouching in your
chair, you know putting your elbows on the table, covering your face with your hands,
playing with your chin or tugging at your hair, all of these can be sign of disrespect
or disinterest. So the person you are talking to may feel like you don’t like the person.
You don’t respect the person, you’re not interested in the conversation that’s going on and this
can prove contrary to your success. But if you sit up straight, you know maintain a good
straight posture, put your shoulders back, have a small formal smile on your face, then
you will appear more self-confident and people will start taking you seriously. You might
even exude some power from your personality. so always remember the more space your body
occupies, the more successful you will look and if you just you know kind of bunch up
into this person, who is slouching, who is becoming and rolling himself or herself into
a small ball, then obviously you are gonna appear very timid, very under confident. So
never slouch, it makes you look smaller and less confident. Make sure that you are projecting
power and confidence, sit up starlight. Another habit that I have noticed among really
successful people, really powerful people even is that they know how to use their gestures
and actions correctly. Now if you are somebody who is very excited all the time and very
animated with his or her gestures and wants to move around you know his or her hands all
the time because you are so excited and so interested in conveying the information that
you have to give out, trust me I think you are going a little over board. You need to
tone down a little bit. If you want to appear confident and powerful, use gestures but use
them well. Use them at precise points. Pause; so that your gestures can actually be noticed
by people and that way, people are gonna start realizing that what you say is what you mean.
So gestures can go a long way in actually reiterating what you are saying. Like for
example, if you really believe in a concept and you do something like I really believe
in this concept, people are gonna think you are a little mad. At the same time if you
just timidly say, I really believe in this concept, people are gonna think that you are
disinterested. But if you use the right gesture like, I really believe in this concept, people
are gonna take you seriously. So remember, those gestures that you are making all the
time with your hands, they need to be very calculated, very formal and very precise. Now another thing I have noticed people do
is especially when they are sitting at a meeting is they just cross their arms. They sit like
this or like this or even like this. Now when you cross your arms, okay your body language
says a lot of things. One thing is that, you doubt the person in front of you. The second
thing is that you are not open to different suggestions or new ideas and the third thing
is that you are not happy to be in this situation. You are kind of cross; you are kind of upset
or unhappy with the situation. Another thing that comes across you know when you sit with
your arms crossed, is that you are not a flexible sort of a person, you’re kind of rigid and
you believe it’s either my way or the highway. Well all of these things can actually create
a negative impression. The simple thing that you can do is, uncross your arms, just sit
with open arms. You’ll come across as person who is so much more pleasant, a person who
is so much more open and a person who is so much more confident and happy to be in the
situation that he or she is in and if you can add it, add in a little smile, a pleasant
one, okay and open arms and uncross your legs even. You will come across as a stable person
who is interested in doing good work. Now did you ever think that a simple, small thing
like uncrossing your arms can make such a big difference? Trust me it can and I have
met many successful people who sit with their arms open, with their energies receptive and
they get some great work done. Now my next point sometimes doesn’t apply
to men because men end up having shorter hair. It’s more for women. I’ve seen a lot of
women who keep playing with their hair while talking. Some of them even look down at their
hair like this. Doesn’t that make you look a little mad? A little lost? A little weird?
and there are people or women especially who are touching like their hair this and talking,
now that makes you look like you are seeking a lot of attention or you are so insecure
that you need your hair to kind of hold on to. Well all of this should stop right away.
I’m telling you stop touching your hair. Hands need to go down, you need to be confident,
look the person in his or her eye, talk work, talk formal stuff and that’s it. Touching
your hair, fiddling with your hair, grooming your hair. For men especially, going on grooming
your hair while thinking, tapping your fingers on your head, all of this makes you look very
unprofessional and is a complete no-no and if you wanna be like one of those successful
people, you need to be maintaining a very dignified posture and you need to stop touching
your hair. Would you like it if I spoke to you like this
or would if I spoke to like this? I’m sure not, it’s very important to have a smile on
your face when you are having a conversation. Now this could be a personal conversation
or a professional conversation. Now when I say smile on your face, I’m not saying that
you should have a goofy smile that makes you seem really dumb and lost like this. You need
to a have a simple, formal, pleasant smile on your face. You don’t need to laugh out
loud or giggle or any of that stuff. You don’t need to crack jokes and you know make things
really awkward. You just need to have a pleasing smile on your face. Although smiling at everything
doesn’t really support the idea that you have a strong character but having a smile on your
face makes you come across as a pleasant person and when was the last time that you didn’t
enjoy working with a pleasant person? Right? Everyone enjoys working with a pleasant
in order to keep your personality pleasant and professional at the same time, a small
smile which makes your face seem all open and pleasant is the best thing you can do.
So keep the frowns away, keep the giggles away, focus on a simple smile that’ll take
you miles ahead in your career. The next point that I wanna discuss with you,
is eye contact. Now eye contact is the absolute basic about body language. We’ve been listening
to things regarding eye contact ever since we were school kids, right? Now eye contact
is very important, it’s very important to have eye contact with each person that you
are talking to coz that makes you, you know look trust worthy and confident. But when
I say eye contact, I’ve seen a lot of people get very intense about eye contact and this
is the kind of eye contact they try. If you are gonna stare at somebody with really intense
eyes like this, you’re gonna scare the person or you’re gonna come across as somebody who
is absolutely and totally insane. at the same time, if you are somebody who can’t maintain
eye contact at all, like imagine if I speak to you like this because i just can’t seem
to meet your eye, then you are coming across as a very shifty person, as somebody who is
nervous, somebody who doesn’t know what he or she is talking about. So what you need
to do is, you need to maintain the right kind of eye contact. You need to maintain a friendly
eye contact that’s confident. At the same time, it makes the other person trust you,
okay. so the way I’m looking at you right now, that’s pretty much the kind of eye contact
that works in all environments, be it professional or personal and you know the best part about
eye contact, it sends a message to your listener that you care, that you are listening, that
you are interested in the conversation and you really earn the trust of your listener
and that is very, very important in any conversation. My next point regarding body language is about
handshakes, that’s right. Now what’s the first thing we do, when we meet someone new,
especially professionally. We shake hands right? This is an age old tradition that’s
been going on for years and it always works because the right kind of handshake can create
the right kind of professional relationship or the right kind of friendship. Okay, so
never give a weak handshake. It doesn’t mean that you have to give a bone crushing handshake
wherein the person you are shaking hands with goes like ouch that hurt. Make sure that your
handshake is firm, it’s not wishy- washy and weak. at the same time, it’s friendly and
comfortable for the other person coz your handshake is something that’ll make the other
person feel like yes, you are happy to meet that person. You’re happy to do business
with that person. At the same time, you are a confident and secure person. so next time,
you’re shaking hands, don’t treat it like a gesture that is just by the way or is just
ordinary. Make sure you are focusing on how you shake hands with people and make sure
that your handshake is firm. So wasn’t that interesting? Different habits,
different kind of body language habits of successful people. You need to start practising
all of these and you’ll actually see your personality transform. You are going to grow
into this really confident and sure person if you practise all these body language habits
absolutely right. I really hope that you had fun watching this video. this is me Rima signing
out, I’m gonna catch you yet again with another video, till them all I want you to do is,
subscribe to our channel and keep watching Skillopedia, the place to learn skills for
the real world.

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