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🥝 Thought I’d Starve

Hi! I’m Obi, and I”m 14. Have you ever got lost in a foreign country without a phone or an ID? I have! I went to China with a group of school kids. We had a great trip ahead, with adventures and sightseeing. Soon after we arrived, Cheng Lee or Charlie as he calls himself, took us to a restaurant with traditional cuisine. He was singing praise to some kindo of noodles and we decided to try it. I’ve never tasted anything spicier, it was impossible to swallow. But I didn’t want to hurt our guides feelings and kept eating even though my innards were burning. On the way back I felt bad, my stomach cramped up. I could hardly make it to some bus stop on a country road and dashed to the restroom. I heard everyone bustling about and our biology teacher hollered for everyone to get back on the bus. I felt so bad I couldn’t answer from the cabin, And when I got out, I realized my group had left. I was alone, about a mile from any village. I didn’t even know which way the bus went. I had no phone or ID on me. What to do… In a few minutes the “What do I do now” question was hollering in my head. Probably should walk to the village and ask for help. On my way, there was a store, so I went in and tried to explain to the sales person that I was lost and needed help. BUt she didn’t understand me. I just stood there, wrecking my brain about how to get in touch with my group, when I sighted a delicious white bun. I wanted it so bad…the last time I ate was those horrible noodles in the morning. I pointed to a bun and folded my arms in a begging gesture, and this was something the sales person understood well. She started yelling and rushed at me. Like I was some kind of a thief! I had to run. I got to some kind of a market and sat right on the ground.I wanted to cry right there. I was thirsty and exhausted, but couldn’t ask for water. The sun was beating down on me, I felt nauseous and the world swam in front of my eyes. Suddenly a Chinese man approached. He shook me lightly and offered a bottle of water. I gulped it down, spilling all over me, but felt better with each swallow. It was the most delicious waer in the world. And then the man was taking me somwehre. At first i was scared, but he smiled and pointed at a food joint. We came closer, he offered me a plate of steamed rice. I tried to explain with gestures that I wasn’t feeling well, but he insisted I ate. I’d never tried such a delicious rice before! I was stuffing my face when I heard my native speech. The man new English a little and I could kiss him with joy. He was a bit confused with my emotional state and I stepped back and told him what happened to me. Loo Yadong spoke not too wel and with an accent, he misspoke words, but I culd understand him. He said I should wait for my group there, they’d definitely go back. I agreed. Not to waist time he offered me… a job! What job? -I asked, astounded. “Modeling!” he said. I was flabberguster and scared and said no. I said I should better go back to the bus stop not to miss my group. But at that moment a woman approached us. It turned out to be Mister Loo’s wife. They had a quick chat and he elaborated on his job offer. He said he wanted me to walk around the market with a plate of food and attract customers, because his joint was new here. I was a foreigner and people so like foreigners. I’d get 10% of every sold meal. Well, what was there for me to do? I didn’t want to sit and wait,but this could be a story I’d be telling to friends, and it seemed fun, so I agreed! At first I felt embarrased,but then I really got into it, and I wanted to help Mister and Missis Loo. to Those who stopped to find out what I was doing, I said a phrase in Chinese which meant “come with me” Soon the joint was crowded with people I brought it. We sold all meals, only a few servings remaind. Suddenly, there was police. I was scared that I’d get arrested for illegal working and would get into even more trouble. And I didn’t want to get Mr. Loo in trouble. I hid behind a counter and started crawling away, but then I thought rationally. I was being silly! Police could help me. Mr. Loo would translate for me… I got out of hiding, but they were gone. For a second I was in despair, thinking it was my last chance to go back to my people. I bawled and rushed to where the police were, screaminng for help. People looked at me speechless, and I was in panic. I was just rushing forward without looking. I hit someone and fell down. To my surprize, when I opened my eyes, I saw Mr. Goldman. He let me up and gave me a hug. I think he might have teared up. I said I was sorry for what had happened, and he kept apologizing too. He’d always been so burly and sulky but I suddenly saw almost aloving father figure in him, who was genuinely concerned. Maybe it was worth being lost. Then my Chinese friends approached. Mr Loo gave me a bracelet and the guide said it was for luck so I’d never get lost again. Then his wife said somehting, they had a little chat and he gave me something I’d forgotten about, 10% of the sales! I’m not sure if it was 10%, but I had enough money to buy present for family and friends. Please like this video if you want YouTube to show it to morepeople. If you want to learn when we release our next story, please subscribe and hit that little bell. Have a great day! And may all lemons life throws at you turn to lemonade!

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