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How To Learn Sign Language

💖She Speaks 4 Languages! Lina’s Language Experience| SpeakWithAziz

What’s up guys it’s Aziz here. Welcome to Speak Natural English. Today we’re going to do something completely different.
I’m not going to give you a lesson about what’s the difference? or how to improve
your english? but I’m going to introduce to you a friend of mine that speaks four
languages. That’s Japanese, Korean, Chinese and now
she’s learning English as an adult. And I thought because she’s a teacher and
learning language as an adult, it would be beneficial for you guys if she shared
her experience. Now she has her channel as well and you can check it out later.
It’ll be in the description but without further a due let’s go ahead to talk to my
lovely friend, Lina. Thanks for having me here today and I’m excited to join this
conversation and I’d love to share my language stories with you. You can ask me
any questions, whatever you want! Welcome to my channel Lena and my first question
for my audience is what is your native language and what is your overall
message to people learning Chinese? and why do you teach Chinese in the first
place? Absolutely Chinese! The first reason is that I am Chinese and I hope
more and more people can understand the interesting culture of China. And the
second reason is that there are many people who want to learn Chinese but they
don’t know how to start learning a new language? So, I really want to help them.
Thank you for that Lina and my next question is what do you think is the
difference between adult learners and young learners? Where do they differ and
how do you think we can learn from each other? Children generally speak
immediately whatever they think but adult learners will consider a lot before
opening their mouth. But they cannot organize their thoughts properly in their new language. So, it is
really hard for them to keep the balance between the speed of speaking and
thinking. Thank you for that Lina. My next question is one of the common questions
that students always ask me. And that is how long should I study? what should I
study with? and do I need a teacher to study English or any other language?
Please give us your take on this. Of course as long as you want. You also can use some social network
application to search a language partner and practice speaking. And I think
teacher can be a useful tool and you can get lots of information and the tips
for learning a language. But they will never get better if they put all their hope
in to teacher and I believe language skill depends on one’s efforts. Not
teacher. That’s a great answer Lina. Of course I have a little bit of a
different opinion in terms of time but that’s because my attention span is very
limited. But anyway, let’s move on to my next question. And that is who is
successful at learning languages? What does it take? Now in my opinion language
learning is just like body building. You have bad days, you have good days. But as
long as you get through those bad days, you’ll eventually be successful and you
will come out on top. Please tell us what you think about this? People who never give up. I think the speed of improving your skill and the measure of success are various
from person to person. So, I think everyone can be successul as long as they
never give up trying. Ok that’s great! Now let’s move on to my next question. Which
do you think is better? Books or apps? Now I’m a huge advocate of apps. I really try
to stay away from books because in my opinion, they’re kind of time consuming
and they don’t give anything back to me. And I get bored real quickly. But what do
you think because everybody has a different opinion on this and I would like to get your take on what you think about books and apps? I don’t say which is more efficient because I think the function of books and apps is different Apps can be used to
practice speaking or checking the current level and the books can be used
as a systematic summary of knowledge, such as grammar. Alright now this next
question Lena is one of my pet peeves. I really don’t like to see people studying
in cafes or any noisy place but that’s because I can’t study at all. I like
peaceful places. Now there are many people who love to do this and you
yourself do this. So, can you please tell us what you think about noisy places and
quiet places? Such as myself, I prefer a little noisy place than a quiet place when
I want to study. So, I think it is more about how long people focus on
their main work, not just the location. Ok thank you for that Lina. Next
question is the million dollar question. Which is should we study grammar>what do
you think? because in my opinion I completely omit grammar until the end.
Until I have some understanding of the language itself. Now I’ve been studying
Japanese for two years now and personally I have never touched a
grammar book. I did in the beginning but now I refuse to touch them. And I just
focus on sentence training and vocabulary! And it’s completely
sped up the process for me. But please give us your opinion on this! Yes of course, I think grammar is an important part of learning a language and it can make your sentence more
logical and easy to understand. But too much emphasis on learning language can
cause people not to speak out very bravely! Especially for adult learners! Thank you so much
Lina and I just want to thank you once again for putting the hard work in your
channel and promoting language learning. And I really want to thank you for your
valuable opinion about how we should go about studying languages for my viewers
and your viewers! Now guys if you like this video be sure to head over to
Lina’s channel. Check it out! subscribe to our Channels of course! and that’s it from
our end. Now I’ll give it over to Lina and she’ll say bye to you guys and until
next time be motivated, be efficient and eventually you will be fluent and have
fun learning a language! Thank you for watching and I hope that this video will help you to find your own style of learning languages See you! Bye! You still here? Well I just want to give you a bonus
clip of where I am! I’m in Tatsuno City and I just want to share this view
with you guys. It is absolutely amazing! So I’m gonna get behind the camera and
I’m gonna turn this camera around so you can see everything and all the beautiful

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