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[한글자막] Storytime: How I Learned Six Languages

(singing Sailor Moon theme song) Yas, I named both cats after Sailor Moon Sorry guys, ya’ll uncomfortable, right? Alright, I’ll put you down Hey Hey it’s me, Abby P What up, ma’ P-PLE? As most of you know, I posted a video on my channel Of me speaking six languages I was so shocked and overwhelmed By the response I received on that video I thought it was so cool how People from different countries were Commenting in their languages And I went through all of the comments You know I try to read every single comment 3,000 plus comments I think it’s almost 4,000 right now Incredible You guys are incredible, thank you so much I will address a lot of the things that people said in their comments in this video One of them being I’m “super smart” apparently I’m a genius with a high IQ Because I’m able to speak all these languages For real though, you guys Like, I’m not a genius I don’t have a super high IQ I don’t even know what my IQ is, to be honest I’m completely human A very awkward and weird one And I don’t consider myself “super smart” at all A lot of you were asking “How?” “How did she even learn these languages?” Today I will be talking about my background and motivations behind each language Maybe throw in some tips here and there as well I think it is important to first understand those backgrounds and motivations because It does affect how you actually learn the language Alright, let’s get it! Okay, English We’ll go through this one quickly because obviously It is my most fluent language I grew up, spent most of my life in America In California, to be exact Attended school there from Kindergarten All the way up until I graduated university I was a working citizen in America For a few years until I moved here to South Korea Where I’m currently living now Oh and I found it so funny how some of ya’ll Were trippin’ over me putting up the American flag To represent my English Do ya’ll here me speaking with a British accent British intonation Using British spelling of words Using British expressions or slang? And I wasn’t trying to be like, “‘MURICA” I wasn’t trying to disrespect anyone at all You even see on the internet and some websites There is literally like, “UK English” and “US English” For your options So, I didn’t see what the big deal was So, even though English is my most used and most fluent language, it is not the first language I learned The first language that I learned was the Filipino language Or, “Tuh-GAH-lug” I learned this language naturally because I was born In the Philippines and I lived there until I was three With my parents So I thought I had made that part of my video And my (Tagalog) language ability And just, myself, clear But, I was surprised by the amount of Filipinos in the PH Being very critical of my accent, or saying that It wasn’t very good Or I sounded like I spoke with a “Bisaya” accent Which is another language in a different part of the PH In Visayas Or saying I spoke like I was from the province I don’t know, just sort of like… Insulting comments about my accent My mom is actually from Pangasinan (Urdaneta) And my dad is from Baguio So the both of them speak “Ilocano” Which is another language in the PH Not Bisaya I don’t even… I don’t know any Bisayan at all I can understand Ilocano because My parents spoke it with their families Especially when we went to the PH I was always hearing it My listening with Ilocano is not as near 100% As it is with Tagalog Hmm, maybe I can make a video of me Speaking Ilocano But I’m telling you now, it’s gonna be terrible But if you wanna see that, comment that down below I’ll see if I can make that happen So while I was growing up in America I encountered many other Filipino Americans, of course A lot of them did understand Tagalog And even knew how to say some words or phrases You know, like things their mom would say To make fun of their mom or something Some of them couldn’t even understand And I think it was almost quite rare To even find a Filipino American that actually You know, was born or grew up in America It was rare to find one that could speak completely Fluent, perfect Tagalog Or any other Filipino language Like a Filipino native from the PH I was very much the same with a lot of these Fil-Ams In that I never felt pressured or forced to speak Tagalog You know, I was in America so I spoke English Like almost 100% of the time The only time I really spoke Tagalog was when I visited my relatives in the PH And that was only once every few years Like, three to five years And even when I went to the PH a lot of those relatives Could speak English totally fine So they would speak to us in English You know, I didn’t really speak a lot of Tagalog Growing up, as a kid in Amerca Even my grandparents both on my mom and dad’s side Could speak English And would speak English to me and my siblings But you know, for the most part My Filipino Tagalog listening was a lot better Than my speaking because I would constantly hear it from my parents, relatives TFC, you know, Filipino shows, Filipino movies Music I had a lot of favorite Filipino artists, singers, celebrities So considering my lack of Tagalog speaking growing up I have to admit I was pretty proud, you know I was, I was pretty proud of that Tagalog section In my “Speaking Six Languages” video I really did my best and so that’s why It kind of hurt a little bit, right here You know When other Filipinos would be so critical of my accent It’s just like…why? Like, what did you expect? I grew up in America since I was three And think of it this way It’s like you, a Filipino who is from the Philippines Who speaks perfect English fluently but You have a Filipino accent If you go to America and speak your perfect English But with your Filipino accent It will hurt a little bit, you know You will feel a little sad if your accent gets made fun of By other Americans or other native English speakers in America It’s the same situation for other immigrant families And their children That child that was born or grew up in America If they try to speak their native language They may very well have an American accent Or just not a perfect, native accent Like a Chinese American speaking Chinese Or a Mexican American speaking Spanish Korean American speaking Korean Filipino American speaking Filipino, Tagalog Or Ilocano, whatever We will have an accent depending on where we grew up And whatever other factors there are And you also have to keep in mind Tagalog was the only language that I didn’t actually study or learn academically…consciously I also felt like it was just, it was always a part of me Like it was already a part of me I didn’t feel the need to have to like, perfect it I didn’t get to choose how I was raised So you know, I could blame my parents For not being more strict on me to Speak only in Tagalog I’m sure if they’d done that then my fluency, speaking, accent would’ve been a lot better But you know that, it is what it is And at least now that I’m an adult And I have my own freedom with my time I am trying my best to improve And actually it has always been one of my dreams to Try and live in the PH like a Filipino native And to see how that feels like and to also improve in My Tagalog I’m sure I could improve really fast if I did that So that is also another big motivation for me to Keep improving in the Filipino language Okay, so next, in school we were required to Choose another foreign language to learn And so I chose Español (Spanish) Why did I choose Spanish? I just thought it would be useful And as I said in my video, there were just many aspects of Mexican culture that Iiked Like its similarities with Filipino culture The big family culture Mexican food, OH MY GOD I love Mexican food especially in San Diego Come on, like are you kidding me? And also the Filipino language has its similarities With Spanish So it was supposedly easy to learn as a Filipino And actually it was pretty okay to learn As an English speaker too I think I took my very first Spanish class My actual Spanish class, in middle school But then it was in high school where I seriously started to learn Spanish, so I took it all four years of high school My final year, I was debating whether to take AP Spanish, which is Advanced Placement Spanish And the AP programs are an an academic program in North America that gives you college credit If you past the AP test at the end of the year So I was debating whether to take AP Spanish Or just regular Spanish 4 And I opted for just taking Spanish 4 because I was Already taking a couple other AP classes my senior year Oh, I was taking AP English already so I didn’t wanna have like, AP English and AP Spanish Like two AP language classes…no, thank you Looking back at my Spanish classes I just remember enjoying them, like truly Spanish was the first foreign language that I started to learn academically, officially with a class And studying Unlike Tagalog where I learned it, you know, naturally And I found that, in my Spanish classes I would easily get A’s And that’s not me like…I’m not bragging, you know Stop it What I’m saying is that I did well because I truly enjoyed it And I learned that part about myself Through Spanish class I learned that I really enjoyed learning languages That it came more easily to me than other subjects Like math And that I enjoyed learning about other cultures And other kinds of people What else do I remember from Spanish class, uhhhh All of my books and materials for Spanish Are back home in the States I don’t have any of them with me here, sadly Oh, but I do remember those “Más Práctica” (More Practice) workbooks I had 1, I had 2 “Más Práctica uno” (“More Practice 1”), “Más Práctica dos” (“More Practice 2”) Yeah…those were the days So after high school I chose to do a different foreign language in university And it was, yassss Nihongo (Japanese) As I said in my “Speaking Six Languages” video I got really into Japanese movies, dramas, fashion Music, culture, and especially anime I was always into anime Like it was a very big part of my childhood Up until now I still love anime I would watch anime over any drama Korean drama, even Korean drama is like, here Anime is always like… Anime, man ANIME Like, why am I even comparing it? There’s no comparison It’s just anime This is anime, this one spot is anime only Oh, and manga (Japanese comics) too I loved manga so much I wanted to be able to read manga in Japanese So I took Japanese, I think My first and second year in university And then I took it again my final semester? Japanese was totally different from English And Tagalog and Spanish Because you have this completely new writing system Reading system And the writing system has three different forms Like, you know with English…it’s just English The alphabet, like ABC… It’s just one writing system But with Japanese you got hiragana, katakana, kanji And kanji, the Chinese characters, are so difficult So, I just found that so fascinating And I had always thought Japanese sounded really cool Sounded like a really cool language I feel like, as a student though I had very little confidence to use the languages Spanish, Japanese In everyday, real world situations Like with Japanese I feel like I only ever really used it With my sensei (teacher), and other students in class Oh and maybe with the Japanese exchange students That would come sometimes I remember one of them, here name was Yukako? But when Yukako went back to Japan We became penpals through email So that lasted for like…I don’t know, less than a year So then I graduated and started working for a few years And then I didn’t even really have motivation To use Japanese again Until I went to Japan for the first time, for travel Because, of course, in Japan You’re seeing Japanese everywhere You’re hearing it And it made me want to speak it and try to use it again So now every time I go to Japan, I try to use Japanese Even if it’s just very simple Um, making your way through the train station Going “Sumimasen” (“Excuse me”) If you go to a restaurant And they’re like “Welcome! For how many people?” And you’re like, “For one”, “For two” Ordering like, “blah blah…I’ll take one of this, please” “Two of these, please” “I’ll take this” “Thank you” Greeting people…”Hello”, “Good evening” That kind of simple stuff Yeah, I think for me Going to the country where the language is actually used, is the BIGGEST motivation For my language learning It’s because you’re actually interacting with native speakers and real people in real world situations And traveling to different countries Honestly, is one of the best things you could ever do Because you are really opening up your mind And widening your heart to All the different kinds of people in this world Even though we are different, in some ways We are still very much the same In the things that we want The fact that we’re all just trying to be good people You know, doing the right thing in life So, it’s very humbling and eye-opening And since I have chosen to be more active with Japanese, it is easier to pick up things from anime now (“My Hero Academia” scene playing) So, onto Korean I took a Korean class for a semester I studied Korean before I actually came to South Korea But I didn’t actually start using Korean Speaking it, writing it And being engaged with it, like actively engaged Until I started living here in South Korea So as I said before, when you’re put in a situation Where you literally have to use the language To interact with people, to read something To figure something out Accomplish SOMETHING Your ability in that language really improves a lot faster I know a lot of you said In my “Speaking Six Languages” video that My Korean sounded like the most fluent language After English, of course And that’s because I’m here in Korea And I’m using, speaking Korean everyday Speaking it, reading it, writing it everyday So it just comes out more naturally And honestly, if you were in my shoes Using Korean like I do everyday for almost four years You can be at this level as well Literally everyday, I am going into work Greeting people, doing the same Leaving work You know On Fridays Like, the same thing every single time So, of course, it’s gonna be natural Over the course of my time here I’ve bee in a lot of situations where I am forced To speak Korean Because, for example, at my schools last year None of the teachers wanted to speak English to me So all of them ONLY spoke Korean to me So that really forced me to improve Everything that they do here, everything is only in Korean Like in schools when teachers are sending notices Or messages to each other only in Korean So I see those messages and read those messages Signs, there are a lot of signs that are only in Korean Teachers at my rural school this year A lot of them prefer to speak to me in Korean My personal trainer at the gym We mainly communicate in Korean Notices from my landlord at this apartment building All in Korean So, if you’re a regular on my channel Then you know that I already have so many videos on How I learned Korean, my Korean lifestyle Korean culture So be sure to check out those videos first Before you ask any more of the same questions That I talk about in those videos already I’ve made playlists on my channel “Life in Korea” “Studying Korean” Also I don’t wanna make this video longer than It already freaking is German – As I said in that video I learned it for just a few weeks before I even filmed that And I haven’t had much time to Study languages these days Many German speakers were understandably curious As to why I chose to learn German in the first place So lemme break it down for ya’ll in (music playing) No, but hearing it just sounded SO cool to me Hearing it in songs, movies…whenever Tokio Hotel would speak in German in their interviews I actually have a good German friend I met in California Because she moved there (from Germany) And I just loved whenever she’d speak it I’ve been self studying mainly With apps, the internet, Youtube videos So, I would definitely like to improve further in German Well that is it, guys, for this long ass video Thank you very much for watching Stay tuned for more language videos Now that I know how much you guys enjoyed Thank you so much for all of the support on that video I know I talked about a lot of the criticisms and such But honestly, the support The amount of support, and love, and kind words that I received from all of you far surpasses anything else So, thank you again Oh and if you have any questions for me in regards to languages, comment that down below And then, maybe later I can do a “Language Q&A” Don’t forget to like! Subscribe! And see ya in the next one, bye! Oh, you wondering about High Valyrian, right? Well, I learned with Duolingo, because it’s on there And…the internet Surprise! Why? Because I’m a freaking nerd And I love dragons I love Khaleesi Game of Thrones, man Need I say more?

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  • Did you learn to speak/write Korean by yourself? Or did you attend a school or something to learn Korean? I wanted to speak and write Korean for so long but I am very hesitant to do so cause I'm still in H.S and wanted to take a course for foreign language but my parents don't support what I want for college, they want me to take engineering 😞 since my family is full of engineers.

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  • Hi😊, filipino out here… Sorry if some my or your fellow filipinos judge your accent in speaking filipino… I totally understand you… I really adore you, you are so great.. Just learning those languages, you are totally amazing… Pls notice me😊

  • Im soooo proud of you and im doing the same. We have that thing in common. I love learning the culture and i find it fascinating to know languages.
    Im Mexican i learned English when my dad brought me here to USA. At school I took german i really liked it but, my classmates made it so hard to learn. I just remember basic stuff. And currently, I'm studying Japanese, yes because anime. And since i also like kdrama & kpop im slowly picking up korean words. And lastly, a co worker knows tagalog, so i can see myself learning tagalog in the future since I know Spanish lol.
    Good luck with everything you are doing 👍💜

  • Spanish is my first language and i want to learn korean(i know 4 words),french,and portuguese(i actually speak a lot of words)and as you see i started to learned english when 4 years old(sorry i wrote a lot)

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