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[한글자막] How to Speak Any Language | 5 Language Tips!

(Chair squeaking) Welcome to this side of my room Hey it’s me, Abby P! What up, my P-PLE! Back with another language tips video “How To Speak Any Language” Let’s get it! Okay the first tip is like tip number zero, actually Because it’s pretty obvious Get your resources together Books, websites, apps Music, movies, dramas in that language Classes, if you can Even if you can’t take a class, you need some kind of Curriculum or lesson plan to study that language I’ve said this before but seriously The Internet and apps are your friend If you don’t have money or can’t afford to take a class Take notes Take a lot of notes Write a lot of practice sentences And here’s my tip number one Be a good listener In order to be a good speaker of the language You must first be a good listener You have to listen a lot to native speakers of that language, and not just WHAT they’re saying But HOW they’re saying it What are they doing with their mouth? What are they doing with their throat, their tongue Their facial expressions, their lips You have to take it from like a linguistic view If you have background or some kind of knowledge In linguistics It really helps to know HOW those sounds are being made by the native speaker Tip number two Be a good imitator After lots of listening, you can then imitate how that native speaker is speaking Work on pronunciation Record yourself on your phone Listen back to it Do it over and over and over again Until you sound just like how that native speaker sounds One of my experiences here Oh! Hi, Artemis! It’s my cat One of my experiences here in Korea When I was first practicing Korean And really trying to get it down, was on pronunciation My co-teachers at my school After classes were finished and it was our break time They would drill me on consonants, especially Because Korean consonants were, I think The hardest for me And so they would write the different consonant sounds It was literally like “hard training” So it’s a lot of drilling, repetition, practice Tip number three Don’t rush yourself Don’t ever give yourself an unrealistic timeframe For when you will be fluent in a language Don’t do that And lots of people also ask me “Is so-and-so language hard to learn?” And the answer is, “Well, yeah.” It can be a lot of the times Any language, really Each language I’ve learned there were definitely times Where I thought, “Man, this is hard… …Am I ever gonna get over this particular hump?” And unless you plan on working really really hard Every single day, which, let’s be real That doesn’t happen a lot of times Because we’re only human But unless you plan on doing that There is NO WAY you are gonna be fluent in a language In just a few months Right, Artemis? Yeah He know wassup Stop trying to find ways to learn a language “Fast and easy” It just defeats the whole process (and purpose) of Learning and developing your skills You won’t get things right away And that’s completely normal You know, learning how to read Korean Learning how to read Japanese You won’t get it right away, and that’s okay If you stick to it though, you will eventually get things Things will start to click Everyone learns things at their own pace So just because you don’t understand a certain Concept or grammar point or something, now Doesn’t mean you won’t get it later For me, things that made no sense whatsoever in the beginning, started to become more and more clear As I saw that same grammar usage or whatever Over and over again and I started to be like “Oh okay, I understand how this works now.” Tip number four Travel to the country where the language is spoken For me it’s such a big motivator to improve in that language after being surrounded by its native speakers And the culture And I know a lot of you’re probably like “Abby, girl… I ain’t got no money to travel.” And I understand that especially if you’re a student Or you don’t have a job But you know what, if you get allowance Or you do have a part-time job Save up that money Save up those little extra tips, that paycheck That allowance that you get from your parents (Cats fighting next to my tripod) Ugh, my cats… So, if and when you can travel I really recommend that you do because not only is it such a good experience for your language learning But it’s just such a good experience as a whole Traveling is seriously A really really wonderful thing to do And tip number five Don’t give up This is something I struggled a lot with Many, if not all the languages that I’ve learned I kept thinking, “Well, what’s the point.” “It’s hopeless.” etc. But then I thought, it’s actually such a waste of time For me to have put in all that time already Into learning these languages, to just not continue it And to just forget about them completely, you know Especially when I was so eager to learn them In the beginning So I didn’t want to lose that and I wanted to Be able to actually use and speak the languages That I’ve learned instead of just saying like “Oh, they were just subjects that I learned in school.” I think you also need to have a mindset that Language is an ongoing process of learning And developing yourself and your skills It’s something that can be so fun, enriching, fulfilling And I think learning a language, for me, has this kind of Deeper meaning in that, if I know a language Then I can connect deeper with that culture And with those people So here I am, just like you other language learners Struggling sometimes, actually a lot of the times But never completely giving up And that’s the important thing is that you don’t give up You can be frustrated sometimes, or a lot of the times And then want to take a break or just, you know Leave things there, leave things the way they are For like a few days or whatever (or months, years…) But the important thing is that you come back Is that you always go back to it No matter how much time you need off No matter much time you need to refresh your mind The important thing is that you do go back and pick up Where you left off Find things that will help you stay motivated Or will snap you right back to hitting the books And studying more One of the ways I stay motivated is I find other language learners here on Youtube or Instagram, social media Wherever One of my favorite language language Youtubers is Lindie Botes Maybe some of you are familiar with her channel And her Instagram She is a legit polyglot Who is originally from South Africa But has traveled to many different countries And has learned to speak many different languages like French, Korean, Japanese, Chinese And of course, Afrikaans And I find myself very attracted to her videos I believe we also have the same personality type And she’s a designer too, which I love So find other language learners who inspire you too Follow them and find that motivation through Their learning as well So I hope these tips have helped you out with Whatever language you’re learning If you do have any more questions, please comment those down below and like I said, I can probably do a Language Q&A in the future Don’t forget to like this video Subscribe if you haven’t already See you in the next one, guys Thanks for watching, bye!

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