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농식 수화 vs 표준 수화 (농인,청각장애)

I’ve heard a lot of things from many people while making YouTube videos And making videos on some sign language This was not the sign language that I knew so some people asked me to looked up the standard language and do the sign language Even since then, I uploaded the videos using the standard sign l anguage and fixing the wrong sign language But the other said “hmm? I had never heard about it!” Even though I followed the standard sign language literally They said “It’s different from what I’ve learnt? This is wrong First, I will tell you guys what I want to talk about They are learning the standard sign language in the class not the deaf sign language I agree with them but the people who use the sign language are deaf There are some people who constantly say there must be some reasons to standardise it. I agree with them but the pe ople who use the sign language are deaf And if you want to talk in the sign language, you need to talk to the deaf so It’s inevitable I think. If you want to learn the sign language or sincerely talk to the deaf We need to respect them enough. Maybe for young people they learn the standard sign language The deaf use the same though but It’s hard for the deaf to tell th at the deaf use the standard sign language So it’s better to know Aaa.. there is a word which is the deaf sign language. This is equal to the dialect! Because some people think like “Is this a sign language or not??” So just let you guys know. For the people who still don’t understand , I will explain it again. When you learn English , you learn it from the book right? In reality, it’s not used a lot likewise the sign language. Anyway, when you take the translation exam for the sign language, the reason why each sentence is different is

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