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How To Learn Sign Language

[基礎臺灣手語2-1 Taiwanese Sign Language]-身障相關

become deaf school deaf school student teacher (southern dialect) teacher (northern dialect) special teach / educate speciality / department department (character sign) together / total / add up classmate people with disability prove / proof / certificate process / handle/ conduct / deal with light (wight) / mild (degree) middle / intermediate heavy (weight) / severe (degree) photocopy double-sided complement subsidy hearing aid cochlear implant formal often normal apply for something assist meeting society Social Welfare Department association seal ticket / card disappear / gone prepare / arrange sign in / signature body a series of numbers household mouth medical examine / inspect/ check up go to go to recently one month take a picture free of charge district (character sign) public (character sign) thus (artificial sign) live / living degree / level paper / a piece of accompany Proof of the disabled / disability card ID card a medical certificate of diagnosis

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