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【Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice】Love Language of Childhood Innocence (Original Chinese | ENG SUB)

Fan-translated by Christine
Enjoy~ ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ ??? : Hey… hey! ??? : This auntie over here, wake up! MC : Huh…? MC : (Just whose kid is this hm?) MC : (Not to mention, rousing me awake for no cause or reason—) MC : (Even going so far as to call me an au…) MC : (…auntie?!) Zen/Victor : Just how air-headed are you? Zen/Victor : Napping away in the wind on the ground… Zen/Victor : Not even worried about muddling your mind out here. MC : Why you little brat… MC : … ehhhh?! MC : Y-You’re… MC : …Victor? MC : How did you… Zen/Victor : And who are you?
MC : …turn into a kid? Zen/Victor : Just how do you know my name? ♪ ~Music & Vocals~ ♫ ♪ Zen/Victor Singing ♫ ♪ Kira/Kiro Singing ♫ MC : How is it? Good? Kira/Kiro : It’s good! Kira/Kiro : Thank you, pretty sis~ MC : (Kiro’s still the cuter one back when they were young.) MC : (Not at all like Victor, that putrid little brat…) MC : You should head back now MC : If your agent notices that you’d snuck out here, they’ll scold you again for sure. Kira/Kiro : Okay! Then… Kira/Kiro : Will we still get to meet again after? MC : Of course~ MC : The way you eat is just so adorable MC : At first sight, I’ll definitely be able to recognize you! ♪ ~Music & Vocals~ ♫ Haku/Gavin : Who are you? Haku/Gavin : ……Have I… Haku/Gavin : have I met you somewhere before? MC : As of now, not yet. MC : But, MC : you will get to meet me! ♪ Haku/Gavin Singing ♫ ♪ Simon/Lucien Singing ♫ ♪ ~Music & Vocals~ ♫ ♪ Everyone Singing °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°♫ Simon/Lucien : Long, long ago, Simon/Lucien : Within a castle cut off from the rest of the world, Simon/Lucien : there lived a single artist. Simon/Lucien : In the artist’s illustrations, there were only two types of colors: Simon/Lucien : Black Simon/Lucien : and White. Simon/Lucien : But one day, Simon/Lucien : a single butterfly fluttered before him….. MC : So all along… MC : it was a dream huh… Childlike Love Language Thanks for watching!! (๑꒪▿꒪)*

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