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One day… Ah… I need to come up with my next YouTube video idea… Kizuna AI Kizuna AI
2.6M subscribers on YouTube Kizuna AI
2.6M subscribers on YouTube
530k followers on Twitter Kizuna AI
2.6M subscribers on YouTube
530k followers on Twitter
Occupation: Virtual YouTuber And she was bored… I wish something fun would happen… AI-chaaan! Wait!? Hime-chan!? It’s good to see you again! And if you’ve never seen me before hello!!! It is I, the official character forCrunchyroll,
a service that streams anime all around the world, Crunchyroll-Hime! and I love anime! I’d say my charm point is that I’m 175cm tall! Now that I’m 3D, I thought I’d visit my friend, the virtual celebrity Kizuna AI! Since I’m 3D now, I can finally move as much as I want! Yeah! Wow!You can really move! Hey, I know! What? Since I can move now, too, let’s play the Gesture Game! Hime-chan, you’re so spontaneous! But sure, let’s do it! Yeah! let’s do it! And so begins
the anime-themed Gesture Game
between me and Hime-chan. The content of this video
may cause frustration
for anime lovers. Please proceed with discretion and a
kind, forgiving heart. Round 1
Kizuna AI Alright, I’ll start! Dragonball Z! That was too fast! That was too easy! I guess you are Hime-chan, after all! Ok, you go next! Okay! Round 2
Crunchyroll-Hime … Hime-chan? Hime-chan…? The answer is Dr. Stone! What! No one can tell. No way! Everyone knows this is from Dr. Stone! Round 3
Kizuna AI Oh, I got a good one! Here we go! Hime-chan! You still can’t guess?! I don’t get it. Wait… Really? It’s the Gum-Gum Gatling Gun! From One Piece! couldn’t tell at all! Come on! Round 4
Crunchyroll-Hime Okay, I’ll go last! Wow, Hime-chan! You’ve multiplied! Can you tell what this is? Of course! It’s Naruto’s Shadow Clone Technique! Correct! Nice one, AI-chan! Seriously thoug Hime-chan I didn’t know you could do that in 3D! Yeah! I didn’t know either! But AI-chan, do you know how I get rid of these?? Wait, Hime-chan you don’t know how?! A few moments later… How about doing the same pose again? Good idea! I’ll try! You multiple again! How am I going to go back to normal?!! Bloopers
#1 By the way! What anime are popular right now? I’d say Demon Slayer, maybe? Demon Slayer? There’s this girl named Nezuko, who looks a lot like you, she’s cute and tiny! If I do this, you’ll look exactly alike! Nezuko doesn’t really talk much! Bloopers
#2 But seriously though, recently I haven’t had many friends visit my white space so I’m really happy…! Hime-chan Thank you sincerely for coming to visit me. It truly touched my heart to see you
moving around so happily. I really enjoyed our time playing the Gesture Game together. But Your impression of Dr. Stone was horrible. Seriously. Even though you’re ridiculous sometimes I love that about you too. Let’s hang out again.

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