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◈ Budgie Body Language (part 1)

Govor Tijela Tigrica Ako nije previše vruće ili previše hladno, ako nema ništa
da ga muči, i ako je općenito zdrav i sretan,
Vaš papagaj će prikazati sljedeća ‘tipična’ ponašanja. Možete naučiti njihov jezik. Sve što treba da uradite jeste da provodite vrijeme sa njima i pažljivo ih posmatrate. Koristeći njihov govor tijela i vokalizaciju mogu nam reći kada su pospani, sretni, umorni, bolesni, gladni, ljuti ili spremni da se maze. Jedenje Oni jedu kada su opušteni. Perje je pravo i sve je normalno. Dotjerivanje Svoje perje drže uredno dotjerivanjem ili drpanjem. Ako ptica nema partnera, ona će se drpati stopalon, igračkama,štapovima ili šipkama kaveza. Rastezanje Kao i ljudi, ptice se rastežu za ublažavanje napetosti. Ptica će protegnuti stopalo i suprotno krilo u isto vrijeme, što poboljšava cirkulaciju i osvježava mišiće. Kihanje Zijevanje Udvaranje Ovo je muški posao.On će pjevati ženki i mrdati glavom i probat’ će da je nahrani. Sjedenje na jednoj nozi Stojanje na jednoj nozi pokazuje da se ptica osjeća udobno i sigurno u svojoj okolini. Igranje Razigrana ptiva je zdrava i sretna ptica. Zadovoljan/veseo/sretan Ako su sretni, oni će pjevati, skakutati i biti razigrani oko kuće. Uplašena Ako su uplašeni, pokušavaju da vas ugrizu. Perje će biti pravo. Brušenje kljuna To je obično znak da se osjećaju sigurno i zadovoljno. Ovaj zvuk ćete često čuti naveče kada ptica krene spavati. Ujedanje Ptičiji kljun je pohranjen s enkapsuliranim živcem, i koristi se za osjećaj iskustva, izgleda, oblika, ukusa itd. Ujedanje je znak agresivnosti. Ne smijete kazniti pticu ako vas ujede, samo je ignorirajte, ali nemojte ni izazivati. Mrdanje repa Ovo je znak bolesti pa bi trebali odnijeti pticu veterinaru. Preklapanje krila Ovo je znak ljutnje ili nezadovoljstva.Sigurno nešto ima što vašu pticu pravi ljutom ili nesretnom. Ovaj papagaj je nezadovoljan jer vlasnica dira njegovo zvono. Zadihan Ptica će biti zadihana ako teško diše ili poslije leta- Hlađenje Ako je pre vruće, tigrica će probati razhladiti tijelo tako što će raširiti krila i disati na usta. Ima mnogo više znakova govora tijela tigrice, ovo su osnove.

100 Replies to “◈ Budgie Body Language (part 1)”

  • Very cute buddies. Well I two couples in different cage with my first time see lil eggs I hope to be successfully breeder.

  • what about budgies which nod their head and clang their teeth like a person agreeing to something, what does that mean??????

  • My girls flap their wings in annoyance of not being upstairs with me or from not being outside. The only issue I have is that the tail bobbing can sometimes just be a normal thing. I've had about 15 budgies in 20 years, most of them tail bobbed and all of them died of very old age.

  • My budgie bits me than dances.She wants to see my sufferingI guess.She shakes her head and dances.What is that mean?

  • Man everyone reccomends having budgies go out of their cages and I never did that cuz I couldn't let them out. Not only we are very busy all the day we also have way too much stuff that could be broken but i felt that we needed a birb company. We kept them to basics: moderately big cage, toys alot of chewing materials and daily supply of food. And judging by this they were pretty happy with us but a bit untrustworthy unless they really needed a scratch. I am very sad now because we gave them to grandparents because they needed them more than us but when I see them (once a year) I still feel bad that we kept them in the cage

  • My budgie mostly move her mouth, looks like she is eating something. What does it mean??? Is this normal??

  • My budgie is not a year old. He is very timid and wont let you stroke or hold him unless hes tired and not be arsed to give you a little nip. He is nuts as well we have some plastic balls in his cage i put them on a perch and he will kick them off or pick them up with his beak to throw them on the cage floor. He also love his mirror hes just started to say a few words as well . If you are watching this and are thinking about getting one do so there amazing creatures and do the funniest things. #Thor the parakeet

  • I have 2 budgies, they chirp, run around like crazy and jump like frogs, they also seem to have a fascination with string, mostly the female, she adores that even though i bought them toys 😂

  • When I had a budgie(boy) it would try to flirt with the canary(girl). But then the canary would just keep flapping her wings and try to get him away from her 😂😂😂

  • Today I got back home to my three budgies I could not find one then I look down one of them are laying down in the food bowl and I started crying Because I thought she died I touched her tail and she did not move but when my brother came in the room I turned around and she was climbing the wall it scared the shit out of me

  • My budgie tends to flap thier wings in place and I didnt know that that meant they are irritated. I just dont know what is making them upset since he seems to do it randomly.

  • My female budgie who talks and whistles all day long, courts the head male cockatiel.

    Yes, he too thinks it's weird.

  • I tamed my 6 budgie i always let them be free but one day need to go somewhere its urgent so i force them to go back in my caged now they are untamed

  • I can't get my budgies outside of their cage. And I have them for 4 months. I have been taking it slow but no results. They sit on my finger but whenever I try to get them out they just jump off(my finger)

  • My male budgie (kiwi) used to do all the following and sing and feed my female budgie (lila since she was a purple albino) but she passed away due to tumor. She showed no signs at first but I noticed the tumor a few days before she passed away, I couldn't get a vet since my parents were dumb and didn't believe me, so I told my vegan auntie who loves animals, made an appointment with a veterinarian the following week, but my sweet lila died a day before she was due operation.
    I miss u lila and promise to Bury u with lilacs, and when ur faithful boyfriend kiwi dies I will dig u out and Bury him with u..
    I miss u so much

  • I like the birds but I hate that they looked exactly like my old buds that died, somehow my white bird the newest one died recently because of Diarrhea,is that something telling something,because the yellow one that have has been aggressive towards the new one when I brought her home

  • Females tends to moving their tail very fast as a sign of sexual readiness so it might be confusing. Having a mirror in a cage isn’t a good idea imho. Your survey is too limited, I have 14 budgies 😜

  • my budgies randomly flap their wings every now and again and i don't think they are angry? what other reasons would they do that?

  • my male budgie keeps rubbing head head against the cage strangely, and its not because he wants to get out because when he wants to get out he makes alot of noise moving from left to right at the cage but he just rubs his head on the cage like hes itchy

  • Does anyone know what to do if they keep flying away? We got 4 of them since a half year now but they dont really let humans near them, you can never touch them which is a little frustrating…

  • What if my budgie doesn’t play with his toys? I bought him a new ball and ring set with a bell to play with a little under a month ago, but he still hasn’t touched them yet.

  • I have a budgie but he isn't too playful from what I saw here it seems like he is comfortable and happy he just isn't playful or that excited.

  • Shop said both budgies that I have now are both males (they ran out of females that time) and they have been kissing and grooming each other for months already hehe

  • I should of watched this video sooner when I got my two parakeets 😅 I'm so relieved about what the beak grinding meant. When my birdie did that I thought there was something wrong with her beak. Very helpful video.❤😊

  • I always thought I took good care of my budgie. He was healthy and got old.

    Until a few months ago when I saw footage of wild budgies. Flying for hours tirelessly in big flocks. My budgie behaved nothing like a wild one. That was the life he needed but I could never give him. I will never own budgies again. Breaks my heart but seeing one alone in a cage with nothing but a mirror is just cruell

  • 3:30 I was about to say I've never seen this before, then I read the words. I suppose that is a good thing that I've never seen it before.

  • I have one of these but it gets mad if we touch it on somewhere that isn’t the feet’s or his mouth (idk what it’s called on english)

  • When my budgie was standing on one leg I thought maybe she was hurt and didn’t want to stand on it but I guess not

  • My bird was sick and sneeze on me and I was amazed birds have snot

    It was clear snot and took her to the vet she had a sinus infection

  • I'm 💯 precent sure flapping of the wings one is overly "excitement /exercising" she was literally waiting for you to do it again lmao
    😭😂😂 I don't think she was mad at all
    And I had an angry parakeet

    My bird did it alot when they're wings were clip they do it alot less but they all like scrreeching and flaping there wings

  • Also budgies do a funny pose when they are getting ready to fly somewhere, especially when they are not sure if they will be able to

  • I have a “female” budgie with a male budgie.. but then the color of “her” beak changed to a male’s color for a beak.. and both of the “males” show care and love to each other.. what’s wrong? Is “she” trans?

  • I have the same bird like your green one and it's a girl and it seems like that your one is also a girl😇

  • Oh. I didn't know about the wing flipping. I thought mine was doing exercise😂
    Now I will never know what was bothering her cos She is not with me anymore.

  • I had one she was sneezing too much I ignore it for two days then the feather starts to become so ugly
    I was so scared and I thought it will die, so I bring medicine and it got well after two day

  • Cute, recently I left my apt for vacay so my cousins were taking care of them and they basically abused the blue one, he is fine now.

  • I like wings flapping. Before this he put his body horizontal and look at me warning not to scare him or not to do something weird. And if I do it, he starts to flap and chirp sometimes. For sure it is angry behaviour and warning of me that he totally does not like what Im doing. Plus, when we got female, he started to protect her like this. I suppose part two is about body lsnguage of deceased birds…

  • What about wheezing? My bird wheezes and bobs her tail. She only does it a 2-4 times a day. Can someone please tell me why? She does have a buddy. A male.


  • 2:57 oh… my bird always does that when he is on my shoulder I thought he was stressed or something lol thank you for the information ❤

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