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How To Learn Sign Language

Интересно знать. В данных странах, за эти жесты могут посадить

Gestures that are not better be used in foreign countries. Hello everyone! You are on the channel “Interesting to Know” Today we will talk about the Gestures that are not better be used in foreign countries. If you are going abroad and do not know the language of the country you visit, the sign language helps you. However, the same gesture may be innocuous in one country and be considered disrespectful and even vulgar in another. You will find the most famous such gestures in this collection. 1. The gesture “thumb up” This gesture of agreement and approval often erases language barriers, and those who like to hitchhike often vote like this on the road. However, in Thailand it is a sign of condemnation. In Iran, it is an offensive gesture, equivalent of which is exhibited middle finger. 2. Beckoning gesture with the index finger Beckoning gesture by the index finger, saying “come to me” is a taboo in Asian countries. In the Philippines, this gesture is relevant only in relation to dogs and means that you consider the interlocutor of a lower status. In addition, the use of this gesture may result in arrest in this country. 3. Stroking the head Stroking the head of the child is usually a gesture of friendliness and tenderness. However, in the Buddhist religion head is the highest point of the body, that is the place where the soul dwells, and touching it is an aggressive invasion in the space of the child. You should avoid this gesture in countries where most people profess the Buddhist religion. 4. The Gesture “OK” A ring of thumb and index finger “OK” meaning “all right!” or “right” means “zero” or “worthless” in France. In Greece and Turkey, this gesture is very vulgar and is a hint to homosexuality. 5. The Gesture “The Fig” The gesture called “the Fig” in Russian is not quite harmless in nature and often used in case of refusal or disagreement. In Brazil it is used for the wishes of good luck and protection from the evil eye. In Turkey, the equivalent is the middle finger.. 6. Crossing fingers In many Western countries, people cross their index and middle fingers for luck or evil eye. In Vietnam, this gesture is offensive and it is believed that the crossed fingers are like the female genitals. 7. Obscene gesture, “middle finger” This is the most famous and recognizable obscene gesture in the world, which means the expletive “Fu.. You”. However, middle finger is sometimes used to point at something in Asian countries. Before you go to another country you should study its culture and traditions. After all, you can unknowingly do something that is not welcome in this country, or even prohibited.
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